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tv   [untitled]    December 3, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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this now, but i'm satisfied with director reiskin's explanation now and i will be curious how to rolls out as we hold more public outreach meetings and the outcomes. thank you all for coming out. >> anything at the end, director reiskin? >> i would add it's great to hear so many people coming out and talking about how much they like their muni service and want to keep it. i think that is a good problem for us all to have. i very much like, as i think somebody made reference to people saying that they wanted to work with us and partner on outreach and partner on finding solutions, all of great opportunities for the tep and other things that we're doing with muni to achieve those goals of better muni service. >> thank you. thank you, again, mr. kennedy and look forward to working with you as the process goes forward. with that, we'll take a 10-minute break. thank you [ applause ]
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>> item 12, approving the conceptual traffic-coaxing project for the dewey boulevard.
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>> we have a brief overview, and there is a well-written staff report explaining what we are proposing and we have gotten a lot of written feedback on this. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. thank you, director reiskin and directors. my name is nick carr and i'm the project manager for the dewey boulevard area traffic-calming project, a project looking at the local streets and forest hill and upper golden gate heights neighborhoods. i'm going to put up the map of proposed traffic-calming changes, developed through this project and quickly go through the community process that was involved. we're here today seeking
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approval of a conceptual plan for this neighborhood for traffic-calming. if approved many of the traffic-calming measures within this plan will still come back for an additional layer of legislation or detailed design work with stakeholders, who may have concerns. for instance, some of more significant measures will go to detailed design with direct input from the fire department and other stakeholders on the transportation advisory safety committee. i would like to talk a little bit about how this project was conceived. this was a community-requested project. we looked at a compilation of traffic-calming requests from residents in the neighborhood. in advance of the total and during the planning process for this, we received 15 resident
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requests for traffic-calming within the project area. so something that residents definitely see as a priority in their neighborhood. three public meetings, general public meetings were held for the project in the fall of 2011. and then again in the fall of 2013, as a follow-up, after the development of the proposal. the project area encompasss about 1600 households, whether they by apartments or stand alone houses. our mailing list included three notices to those 1600 residences. from the resident population, we recruited a ten-member work group to develop this traffic calming plan, four from the forest hills association and four other members represented the up upper golden gate
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neighborhood eastern annex of forest hill neighborhood. some of those members are here today to speak in favor of the project. stakeholder involvement in the project was fairly wide. we have been working with supervisor norman yee's office since the germination of the project and worked consistently with the home associations neighborhood and golden gate association and west portal association, west portal school and herbert hoover school along with the supervisor's office. in general community feedback has been very positive to this proposal. not unanimously so, obviously. it's a very large project area, but we have received much positive feedback and i know you have seen many letters coming to you and in total i have counted 17 letters of support, including the endorsement of the forest hills
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homeowners' association. as i mentioned before, prior to and during this process, we received 15 resident requests for traffic-calming. some of those that were concurrent with our planning process we were able to fold right into the planning process and address their concerns on the run, so to speak. i have received five letters or emails in opposition to this project. several are in opposition to traffic calming in general, stating that we just need to fix the arterials, leave the arterials alone and remove bike lanes and things of that nature, recent changes to laguna honda boulevard and if we did those thing we wouldn't need to do this project. be that it's may, this project is here and heavily requested by the neighborhood and heavily
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vetted through the neighborhood and the ten-member work group that sat with me and our staff this summer to develop this proposal. definitely stands behind it. i have on the reader, if you would like to bring that up, a map of -- >> i think we have that. >> you have that in your packet. okay. then i won't need to bring that up. you can see it's very area-wide in nature. it addresses historical concerns of speeding and cut through, that stretch from portola as a way to forego using the arterials in the neighborhood. woodside, laguna hond, 7th
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avenue, even dewey boulevard itself, they see an alarming traffic volume in certain instances, when it be a pm rush commute or something like that. so i would just close by saying that i know there is opposition to this. i have talked to a number of people who have opposed it; as i said, i got five written emails or letters in opposition. but the community process for this project has been quite robust and i think that you will find the community's support for this project is also quite robust. >> thank you, mr. carr, we appreciate your presentation. miss boomer, do we have members of public that wish to speak . yes, we do. [ reading speakers' names ] >> good afternoon. >> my name is reuben vector and i was on the working group
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with mr. carr and i live just on the 9th avenue part outside of forest hills, part of the cut through route that he was speaking of. it's also next to a little playground and tennis court called j.p. murphy. as he was mentioning there is congestion there and that has resulted in a mass -- hasn't really changed over the 15 years that i have been living there. i have always been trying to get something done there to calm the traffic. and so the accidents -- i have pictures over the years of various accidents, cars smashed up. generally it's cars -- one a few months ago a car trying to get out of a parking place after playing tennis and a person didn't stopped and smashs into a car in a parking space. so there is alarming
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speeding and it's just a really dangerous situation that would result not only car crashes, but eventually the children and strollers and things crossing the street that is also congested for parking and how people get to the playground and what not? so it's just a matter of time before someone gets hurt and/or killed. the thing i wanted to say about this project to my dismay at the beginning, nick clarified this wasn't a traffic-diversion project, but a traffic-calming project. i would love that the traffic is diverted from the neighborhood, but it's not, it's to force the people to follow the rules and drive 25 instead of 35 40 45 miles per hour, which we saw on our speed checks. so the traffic can still go through. they are not being detered from going through, but they have to
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follow the rules. so i really hope that you consider doing this and thank you very much. >> thank you, appreciate your participation in the committee. next speaker, please. [ reading speakers' names ] [ inaudible ] >> come forward, please. good afternoon, sir. >> thank you. my name is dan mckew and i'm a resident of the area that this particular matter concerns. i have live d there for 20 years with my family. you kind of thing you go into a neighborhood there. pachenko street, the way people get from southeast san francisco to the golden gate
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bridge. so what looks like a lazy street in the morning, in the afternoon becomes a circus. one afternoon i was driving home and parked in front of my house and a car came up behind me and stopped. a guy came out of the car and banged on my window. i talked to him and he says, don't park here. now mind you this is in front of my house -- don't park here, go down the street and there is a parking place down the street that it's easier that i can get by. so the first time that i was ever kicked out of parking in front of my house. but it just shows what goes on that street. i got so griped i joined the
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homeowner's association and got on the board and decided that i would take on infrastructure. that is when i found out that mr. nick carr existed and had this program that he was doing to try and stop this traffic. and so we are and have been, since i have been on the board, which has now been three years working with nick to get something done and we have got a plan. thank you, please consider it. >> thank you. next speaker, please. dennis hyde, followed by amy quirk, who is our last speaker. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, mr. chair, madame vice-chair and members of the board, director reiskin. i hope you had a chance of the letter i wrote that was dated november 18, 2013. there is a lot of technical detail that i can't possibly address in the gong time here. but i want to say one thing, the proposed speed humps are on
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8th and 9th avenue, at least the ones that affect me and that is not forest hill and that is not golden gate heights. if they have problems with speed in their neighborhood, then i don't know why they are putting the speed humps in my neighborhood. going beyond that, my basic concern here is that in this nice pdf that they gave you, they talked about considering alternatives, but the one thing that they specifically carved out of any alternatives was addressing what everybody is telling you is the problem, which is the bottlenecks that i maintain are created by deliberate policy of your staff on those arterials. they had an ability to facilitate traffic flow, and they choose, i think, deliberately to restrict it and create artificial bottlenecks so that everything is stacking
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up. and speed humps will never address diverting traffic. that is not going to happen. this project will never reach the fundamental issue here. so all i can urge you to do is ask your staff to take a look at dealing with the arterials, because that is the issue here. if the people in forest hills think that people should drive too fast in their neighborhoods, then don't put the speed humps in my neighborhood. if pachenko is a problem, do it there. your traffic survey data might call for speed bumps is where the first speaker who lives on 9th avenue, jp murphy, that is the only place that i can see that.
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>> thank you, next speaker. >> good afternoon. >> my name is amy quirk and i lived within the forest hill area, in the outskirts for a total of 30 years and for the past 14 years i have lived in the forest hill butterfly, which is a confluence of many streets, where there is a lot of speeding and stop-sign running. i hope you have available to you the letter from dr. dan kelly. it's a wonderful letter explaining the depth and the breadth of community involvement, specifically forest hill association and forest hill community involvement in this plan. i did read an unfortunate comment about our group being rogue and it was just unfortunate. please read that letter and you will understand how much outreach there was to the community. i want to speak about something else. i actually attended the community meeting as a member of this traffic advisory group
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that helped nick carr do his commendable job. that meeting was in the west portal public school auditorium and was well-attended. i wanted you to know that people broke out in applause for this plan. people in our area have a problem and we need to find a solution to this speeding and we're so relieved that something like this, that you reached out to us, to try and work out a plan. we want this plan. we want a solution. and we urge you to adopt the plan. thank you. >> thank you and thank you for your service on the committee. anyone else caring to address the board on this matter? if not, members of the board, what is your pleasure? >> mr. chairman, can i deal with something personal? i did raise this with the city attorney and because i live -- my wife and i own a home in the affected area, it's been suggested that perhaps i recuse myself from this decision.


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